About Us

About Us

In today's world, the need to use private aircrafts has changed significantly. Now, time is more valuable than ever. Flexibility is essential. Safety is unquestionable.

In Aeroecom C.A. we are dedicated to provide personalized service flights, subject to compliance with standards and highly competitive prices, with the intention of providing our customers the ease of being at the destination of their choice.

Our company owns a Specialized Air Transport Service N°ERO-NR-042 operator certificate, awarded by the National Institute of Civil Aviation (INAC). Aeroecom C.A., is authorized to make air transport operations of national and international level, passengers, cargo and mail for remuneration or hire according to Venezuelan Aviation Regulations RAV-135.


Our mission is to offer services of air transportation to passengers at national and international level, complying with safety standards and under an atmosphere of comfort, quality and good service. All this with highly qualified staff in the care of passengers and service execution.


We position ourselves as a company that offers valuable solutions for our customers, maintaining Safety and ORDER in the flight organization; always complying with the laws and regulations of civil aviation by ensuring our aircrafts maintenance.

Our Values


We assume the obligation to take care of our passengers with the highest quality safety standards.


The knowledge and fulfillment of one's duties, allow us to fulfill our moral obligations to the company, our customers and society.


We encourage respect for moral principles and do a follow-up on decency, propriety, righteousness and justice in people and their ways.


We combine multidisciplinary work to optimize the potential and skills of our team, so as to produce better results. We develop loyalty as an element that enhances our ability to achieve objectives.

Results orientation:

Each action we take has a clear objective and direction to the goal we want to achieve, always in favor of improving the value of the company and its members.

Service attitude:

We are ready to serve the customer, in order to improve personal and business relationships.

Professional Competence:

We encourage an attitude of lifelong learning, allowing us to maintain the level of knowledge and efficiency demanded by the changing dynamics of our business. We humbly take our successes and mistakes to learn from them.

Our team

We have a reliable team of professionals both in the operative and administrative areas, who take responsibility and guarantee efficiency with every detail, allowing us to offer quality and excellence to our customers.